PCA protest manifesto


In 2018 Plymouth College of Art revealed their new manifesto—ten propositions centered on art and education. This project revolves around the tenth point from that manifesto—“what’s your proposition?”—an open-ended call for students to add to the document.

I was approached by Templo, the great people behind PCA’s brand, to build a site tied into their larger campaign where students would be able to write/draw their propositions and upload them to a collective wall of entries.


Templo were interested in creating a vector text brush out of the college’s themes of “social justice” and “creative learning”. To build the brush I brought on typographic software expert Kenneth Ormandy. Kenneth created a great library for me to plug into the site to which I could attach user tools such as the brush size, undo and download buttons.

The work that students (and visitors to the Tate Modern exhibit) submitted to the site were beautiful. A cacophony of anger, aphorisms, love, pictures and slogans. All of the submissions are available for download as a vector or bitmap to encourage students to remix and play with each other’s work. You can see all of them here but below is a selection of my favourites.

Pca propositions 01

The site also includes stats and short interviews with PCA graduates that redirect people to the main PCA site.

User-submitted propositions. PCA wanted it to be like a wall of graffiti.

Once launched the site it took on a life of its own. As part of the larger campaign it was featured in It’s Nice That, AIGA Eye on Design, Design Week, and as part of PCA’s residency it was exhibited at the Tate Modern.