Epochs Field Guide To Comouflage Intro

There are not many patterns in a mans wardrobe, plaid and gingham are typically about as wild as it gets. The outlier is camouflage, a fever-dream swirl of colours and patterns embraced by disparate groups of hardcore punks, peace-loving hippies, streetwear enthusiasts and doomsday preppers. Working closely with Epochs I designed and built a longform article examining the history, intentions and application of camo in fashion.

Epochs Field Guide To Camouflage Mood Booard

A childhood of Metal Gear Solid games helped create our fascination with camo.

We began by gathering all the cultural touchstones, historical references, movie stills, articles, swatches, photographs and clothing we could find. Mapping this out organically shaped and structured the article letting the design flow from our research.

Us Army Field Guides02

One result of this was the discovery of US Army Field Manuals. The short guides were given to soldiers as an introduction to everything from boobytraps to first aid. Pulling from the manuals we created the visual language of the post: cream backgrounds, horizontal rules and tall, oddly-tracked sans-serifs. By avoiding the clichés of green and stencilled type this historical grounding leant the article an authenticity devoid of obvious tropes.

Epochs Field Guide To Camouflage Telo Mimetico
Epochs Field Guide To Camouflage Tiger Stripe Camo