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The Land of the Enlightened is the first feature film by Belgian director Pieter-Jan De Pue. It was shot in war-torn Afghanistan over seven years on 16mm. It is a beautiful film that earned the World Cinematography Award at Sundance. I created the film’s official website.

All photographs in this post are courtesy and copyright of Pieter-Jan De Pue.

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The film follows the children of Afghanistan operating as scavengers, miners, and bandits as the American army is slowly pulling out of their country. Imagery of these children fills the opening screen of the website. Scrolling down the site makes the film title vanish behind the Afghan mountains and leads the viewer into the black body of the site.

The website creates a harsh contrast between its colourful imagery and its black and white layout. This is a reflection of the film’s contrasting themes of childhood and war. Before becoming a film director Peter-Jan De Pue was a photojournalist. During filming he took many beautiful images which act as the only colour on the site.

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As well as the website I designed a press dossier for the film—a document used to promote the movie as it screens at film festivals. The press dossier uses the same type pairing and monochrome layout peppered with Pieter-Jan’s beautiful photography.

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The display treatment of Futura is taken from the film’s opening credits and contrasted with the slab-serif workhorse Chaparral to handle body copy.

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